Thermoplastic Compounds


Thermoplastic Compounds

Los compuestos termoplásticos son una clase de materiales cuya resina de base es de naturaleza termoplástica, es decir, compuesta por cadenas poliméricas que interactúan entre ellas a través de interacciones intermoleculares, generando una estructura tridimensional más o menos enmarañada. 

Rigid PVC is an amorph structured thermoplastic with high resistance to chemical agents and excellent mechanical properties.

Termoplástico de alta flexibility and smooth surface. Has high resistance to fractures, heavy impacts and extreme temperatures.

Optimum quality materials for rotational molding, immersion, spraying, smearing and emptying processes. makes available to the most demanding market different formulations for the manufacture of a wide range of products. From seals for packaging to dolls and toys. From plastic fabrics to metal coatings, automotive filters and screen printing.

These compounds are mixtures of thermoplastic rubber (styrene or olefin basis) with other materials. These materials compete with vulcanized rubber in performance but have the advantage that can be processed on standard thermoplastic polymer machines.

In addition to be an optimal option in the automotive, footwear, hoses and ducts, personal care items and other industries, it can be used in the manufacture of seals and coatings for bottles that require PVC-free materials. It has the approval of Coca Cola, Co.

These compounds are mixtures of PP with mineral fillers and other products. Their quality competes in performance but at a significantly lower price with traditional materials such as wood, metal and even more sophisticated polymers.

The benefits of a certain polymer can sometimes be enhanced by blending it with another of a different molecular structure. EIQSA has expertise in these developments. Our technical area will gladly attend any request of this type.

 masters the art of PVC pigmentation and offers different options in pellet or paste for coloring rigid or flexible compounds or plastisol. If our custom line does not fit your needs, our lab´s staff can match your exact required tone.

  1. Color Concentrates in Pellet.
  2. Color Concentrates in Paste

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